Highly paid job in Kaliningrad

Vacancy “Dancer”

High stable income, good tips and additional bonuses.

  • Payment for each performance
  • Convenient operation mode
  • Work in the central part of Kaliningrad
  • Free services of stylists, makeup artists, an experienced choreographer
  • Main role: participation in dance numbers, stage performances, solo program.


Advantages of working with us

We have prepared answers to the most popular questions of girls who would like to work in a striptease, but cannot decide on it.

There is no housing – we will help!

I want to get a job in Kaliningrad, but I have nowhere to live. Do you provide a place of residence for nonresidents?

Working with us, you will receive a stable income sufficient to pay for a rented apartment in the city center. And in the future you will be able to buy your own housing.


I doubt that I will be able to earn enough to fully support myself. Do you guarantee stable payments?

Our girls get paid for their work after each exit. In addition, wealthy guests of the club regularly leave generous tips to the dancers. The monthly income of a stripper exceeds the average monthly earnings of girls in other fields of work several times. Think for yourself where else at this age you can earn more without a profession and an appropriate education.

Lack of experience is not a hindrance!

I have no dancing experience, my figure is far from perfect. How do I find out if I fit the parameters?

We hire girls of different types. Having experience in choreography classes is optional. Our choreographer will teach you the basics of strip plasticity, teach you to master your body perfectly. Make-up artist and stylist will make you a real model worthy of the cover of a glossy magazine. And consultations of an experienced psychologist will help to get rid of complexes.


I am afraid to respond to a vacancy. I am afraid that instead of working as a dancer, I will be sold to an Arab country.

Our club works absolutely legally. And it is not the task of the HR department to recruit girls to work abroad. We value our employees and provide every girl with a safe job as a dancer in a men’s club. Our security service ensures that every employee of the club is completely safe.


I’m afraid that my friends, acquaintances, and relatives will find out about my work. What if someone close to me sees my photos?

We take care of the confidentiality of each employee and do not share information about them with third parties. We strictly forbid customers to take photos and videos. The security guards monitor compliance with the rules and force to remove all materials if they notice that someone in the hall is shooting.

I don’t want to take any chances

Why should I take risks when I can sit quietly in the office and get paid?

Firstly, payments in our club for young girls without experience and education are significantly higher than even for highly qualified office workers. Secondly, working in our club, you don’t risk anything. The profession of a dancer will not affect your reputation. And, thirdly, you will be able to combine work in the club with university studies, advanced training courses in order to get a more prestigious job in the future.

Still have doubts?

If you have any questions that you haven’t found answers to, don’t be afraid, call our manager by phone or leave a message in the telegram channel. We will give answers to the most tricky questions and dispel the last doubts. Believe me, our men’s club in the center of Kaliningrad is a great place to start a career for a young girl who will have the opportunity to receive a high daily income, even without having professional experience, special education, seniority.

To the striptease
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